3 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Sales

Getting into the customer’s mind and discovering the real reason for the purchase is one of the keys to getting the most out of the sales season, but there is more …

SMEs have the mission of studying the habits of their customers, devise new discounts and associate them with profit margins. It’s the ABC’s of getting the best out of stock during any sale season.

Be it Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday or the winter sales, the vast majority of customers are still waiting these days to buy certain items that, at another time of year, they would not even think of considering.

Change the patterns

Due to the Internet and new discount formats, consumer patterns and habits have changed. This means that, to be successful, you have to be prepared and know how brands act in these types of periods.

According to experts, the price reduction should not be the only message to spread, as there are customers who take advantage of the season to buy products that they do not really need .

Build a calendar

The discount season must be limited in time, so it is essential to develop a sales calendar. If it extends for a long time, the trade effect is lost, it affects profitability and the ability to sell the product at the real price can be jeopardized.

It is important to estimate how many products to take out, and to encourage the rotation of seasonal products.

There is no fear of running out of a particular item as it may be substituted for new seasonal items.

Design the offer

With the available stock and the sales campaign in mind, we must analyze how the prices are in the area: those of the competition and those that were established the previous year to specify the discount.

An important fact that the experts point out is that the sales should not be the same for all products .